Campus Tours

BYU offers two kinds of campus tours, each of which is targeted at a specific audience. Please read the tour description and choose the tour that best fits your needs.

Prospective Student Tour

Prospective Student Tours

Prospective student tours are for groups with at least one prospective student, defined as the following:

  • High School Students grade 9-12 (or equivalent)
  • High School Graduate with no College Work
  • Transfer Students
  • Graduate Students
  • Already Admitted Students
  • International Students

Tour guides will show prospective students and their families around campus while giving them information about BYU admissions, academic programs, student life, and housing. Students will also have the opportunity to ask their tour guides any specific questions they may have.

General Campus Tour

General Campus Tours

General campus tours are for visitors to BYU who are interested in learning more about BYU's facilities and history.

These tours focus on general information about the University, its history, buildings, accolades, and culture.