What is YMessage?
YMessage (ymessage.byu.edu) offers a secure, all-in-one view of:
  • Messages: Send or receive secure university messages
  • Tasks: Easily view items requiring action by you or the university
  • Appointments: OneStop Counselor Appointment Reminders
Why YMessage?
You may prefer to receive messages via your personal email service, text messaging or in other ways. However, these communication methods are unsecured.
In an effort to keep your sensitive information secure, YMessage provides:
  • Sending and receiving messages on BYU servers only.
  • Confidentiality of sensitive information by requiring authentication
    using your BYU Net ID and Password.
  • Communication tracking ensuring timely response
    and confirmation of received information.
When will I use YMessage?
YMessage will be used when you want to inquire about the following topics:
Admissions & Registration
Academic Petitions
Admissions, Undergraduate
BYU Transcripts
Graduation, Undergraduate
Leave of Absence
Missionary Deferments
Account Chanrges
Pell Grants
Scholarships, On and Off-Campus
How does YMessage work?
Here is a step-by-step guide to understanding each component of YMessage.
An email notification* will be sent to you when you receive new items in YMessage. New or updated items will appear in bold text in YMessage until viewed by you. Items initially show as priority but move from priority as indicated below:
Active Items
Unread Messages
Future Appointments
Tasks to be completed
Past Items
Read Messages
Past Appointments
Completed Tasks
* To view the e-mail you have provided to BYU, go to:
MYBYU > Campus Links > Communication > Personal Information.
Send or receive secure messages from the university.
New Message
To create a new message, click on "New Message" located in the upper left hand side of your monitor
Sent Messages
View messages sent by you to the university.
Sent messages appear in bold text until viewed by
a university employee.
Archive messages you no longer want to actively view. "Restore" those you do want to actively view.
Wondering what is happening on your account?
Tasks help you view what currently needs to be completed on your account.
My Tasks
Action items for you to complete
Task Status
Initiated - Task created
Received - BYU has received items for you
Waived - Task item no longer required.
Completed - Task has been resolved
Expected Completion
Date you need to complete the task
Tasks the University is Doing on My behalf
Action items for the university to complete
Task Status
Initiated - Task Created
In Process - University employee has viewed and is working on task
Completed - Task has been resolved
Expected Completion
Date the university expects to have a task completed
You may view appointments you have scheduled with your OneStop counselor. The appointment reminder contains the following information:
Subject Appointment topic
With OneStop Counselor's Name
Phone - Your counselor will call you for your appointment
In Person - Go to D-153 ASB for your appointment
Online - Your counselor will contact you via Skype for your appointment
Time Date and time (MT) of your appointment
No BYU Net ID?
If you do not have a BYU Net ID and you need to ask a general question,
you may Create Unauthenticated Messages.
Your answer will be sent to the email address you provide us.
Because the response is sent via email, we cannot include sensitive information.
If you have a specific question regarding personal or sensitive information,
please create a BYU Net ID and log in to YMessage.
Need Assistance?
If you require immediate assistance while systems are being upgraded,
you may access the following online resources: For general questions, you may contact:
Onestop Student Services
D-155 ASB
Provo, UT 84602
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM (MT)